The Light Core Story

Light-Core founders Tim Glover and Sharon Gilmour-Glover have been researching ever more effective ways to create competitive and innovative organizations for more than 25 years. They’ve developed solutions for their clients that mix the art and science of strategic, holistic and behaviour-based approaches. And the results they help their clients generate are astounding. The Canadian founders of this remarkable business have worked with dozens of organizations of all sizes, and they’ve supported leadership teams to galvanize thousands of employees to work together to build and sustain profitable growth. They can help you embrace barriers and challenges, so you can create sustained performance in tumultuous times.

Light-Core Co-Founders and Chief Officers

Tim Glover


Corporate strategist, Tim Glover CPA, CA, CMA, fine-tunes and simplifies the opportunities and challenges of profit, growth and innovation for businesses operating in the new economy.

Tim specializes in identifying an organization’s core strengths, and then mapping them to the best opportunities available in today’s marketplace. His work as CFO and General Manager of three Fortune 500 companies helped him figure out how to translate the complex fundamentals of business into actionable steps leaders can take to change the trajectory of their businesses.

Meanwhile, as a life-long musician and artist who also worked in advertising, Tim has learned to leverage innovation, adaptability and creativity. The result? He knows how to help you take advantage of emerging opportunities, so you can thrive and prosper, no matter what’s happening around you…or within you.

Sharon Gilmour-Glover


Business strategist Sharon Gilmour-Glover is an experienced consultant, speaker and adult educator who specializes in leadership, strategy and transformational change. Her vast range of skills enable her to leverage research in human behaviour and organizational dynamics to bring Light-Core clients extraordinary results. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a research background in the impact of complexity on adult education, transformational learning, and entrepreneurship, Sharon has a formidable determination to get results. Her early years teaching business leadership programs based on the work of Stephen Covey drove a lifelong interest in human behaviour and organizational dynamics; she excels at finding ways to link brilliant theory to bottom-line business results. What’s more, but Sharon brings decades of in-the-trenches experience to her consulting work.

She simplifies complex and seemingly impossible business problems, and provides clients with practical, easy-to-use tools that improve their results exponentially. A musician with an active interest in the arts, Sharon sees harmony and flow as important keys to success. And her passion lies in helping businesses thrive, so they can fulfill their crucial role in unleashing human potential to transform the human community.