FLOW2 Consulting

Do you run a small- or medium-sized businesses that is ready to embrace transformational change at the leadership level? If so, we invite you to level up to our customized leadership performance consulting. With decades of experience in assisting clients like you to the achievement of spectacular (yes, spectacular!) results, we will help you identify the behavioural barriers, unconscious beliefs, and skewed interpretations that are keeping you from the success you desire and deserve.

The FLOW2 technology is a proprietary suite of tools and frameworks that allows users to create more relevant value propositions and agile structures that enable adaptive behaviour through more authentic leadership. Under our guidance, the businesses that work most intensely with us typically earn an average return on investment of 100% over two years.

Who Needs Light-Core’s FLOW2 Consulting?

If you run a business that is currently generating more than $1 million annually, and you have your eyes on a bigger prize, we will work with you to develop a consulting arrangement that is 100% tailored to your needs, aspirations, and current reality. We’ll help you and your team tackle your core problems--including the most stressful, “unfixable” ones--and set you up for the success you desire and deserve. Our clients consistently experience positive performance results and profitable growth; many have doubled in size--and some have tripled--as a direct result of our guidance.

What You Get

Light-Core’s FLOW2 Consulting Services Will Help You:

● Reboot stagnant growth
● Manage the challenges inherent in rapid growth
● Realign your people with a common vision
● Resolve conflict
● Transform your culture
● Expand your bandwidth
● Lead your team in the effort to self-assess, self-diagnose and self-correct problems to improve performance.

We’ll also share other techniques that will help you access the opportunity and energy that are hidden in chaos. You’ll come away with the uniquely-tailored insights that you need to succeed, and you’ll spend more time than ever before on execution, rather than planning…and wishful thinking will be a thing of the past.

Some of our Successes:

● We helped the executive team at a National telecommunications company align and improve corporate culture, and boost employee performance, prior to the sale of the company to a major corporation. The selling price was more than four times what the company had been valued at the day we started working with them.

● We worked with an Ontario-based logistics company to help leaders make better decisions and work collaboratively to right-size the growth of the company and open numerous new locations…right across the country.

● We supported a manufacturing company to shift corporate culture, empowering employees to become more proactive and leadership to become more aligned with growth. We helped the company generate a 75% increase in sustainable revenue, and a doubling of profit, without any increased spending on head count, new equipment, new technology or space.

● A mid-sized equipment leasing and supply chain financing company was plagued by disagreements among its key partners, and this was preventing them from growing. We helped the company grow from a book value of $5 million the day we started working with them to a sale price of $15 million in just one year.

Light Up Your Business -- Expand Your Bandwidth –– And move the only dial that matters:

YOUR dial, for sustained growth and success.