Light-Core helps revitalize leadership skills, realign strategies with behaviour, and transform organizations for ongoing profitability, growth and innovation.

You’ve been in business long enough to know that constant, disruptive change is today’s new normal.

Here’s how to handle it:

As a business leader, you’re probably facing incredible pressure from highly volatile markets, fiercely aggressive competition, and massive shifts in technology. Is it taking a toll on you and your leadership team? Is it leaving a trail of burned-out executives in its wake? What worked yesterday doesn’t work today, and it certainly won’t work tomorrow. We see these pivotal moments as jump points, times when the convergence of unique sets of circumstances can either blow individuals and companies back 20 spaces, or catapult them forwards into a more powerful, successful future.

Are you willing to lean into the storm and seize the opportunities it brings?

Light-Core specializes in equipping you with the insights, knowledge and skills you need to innovate. We can help you master the new business reality and accelerate your team’s performance for sustained growth and success. In fact, our proprietary FLOW2 methodology will help you and your team break through behavioural blocks and expand your personal bandwidths so you can successfully process, and respond to, the onslaught of new information on three critical levels:

● intellectual
● emotional and
● intuitive
Our FLOW2 methodology meshes with our high-impact business strategy development processes to help you retool for a powerfully fluid solution, tailored to your aspirations, needs, and current reality. What does that create? Deeply ingrained hands-on learning and agile, company-wide improvements that drive innovation and bottom-line business results. The businesses that work most intensely with us typically earn an average return on investment of 100% over two years. FLOW2 was developed by Light-Core founders Tim Glover, a financial and management consultant, and Sharon Gilmour-Glover, an educator specializing in leadership and organizational dynamics. Together they deliver Light-Core solutions to a wide range of companies in Canada and the U.S.

Have you been fighting change long enough? Find out how to find your FLOW2

Powerful Leadership. Transformational Results.

Find Your FLOW2

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