The Magic Bullet of Belief– Part Two

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The Magic Bullet of Belief– Part One
May 10, 2018
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The Magic Bullet of Belief– Part Three
May 12, 2018
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Most of our beliefs are deeply held and they must be neutralized before the VP of Sales we referenced in our last blog can move forward, and therefore before the department can move forward or the company can move to the next level. If the VP of Sales can’t move forward, the department can’t move forward. Even more challenging is that the CMO and the CEO may have had discussions with him and at an intellectual level, he agrees – he just can’t change his beliefs without help.

What typically escalates this type of a situation is when someone else on the sales team is having success with a more inclusive, shared power, win/win approach. The person experiencing the success is educating others as to how she is accomplishing this. This could create a rift in the department. Operations, along with Finance, may get pulled into the discussion and the need to address this situation openly will fall to people who do not have the skill, insight or framework to collaboratively work with the situation to move everyone to the next level.

This is where new skill, insight and a framework is needed to help lever this opportunity. This is also where blind spots tend to overwhelm people, and those with the biggest bandwidth dominate.


Those in Sales, especially senior positions in Sales tend to have the biggest bandwidth of most people within the organization. After all, sales is about navigating people, chaos, emotion, relationships and all of that complex behavioural stuff.

When someone with a very big bandwidth gets triggered by a blind spot event or circumstance, chaos is inevitable. It used to be that chaos within the work environment was a relatively rare occurrence. With VUCA, it is the new norm.

So, we have people, in senior positions, either being triggered or trying to facilitate the much needed transformation.

If you have never before had the experience of being able to consciously change your own beliefs about a situation or a person, you will conclude that it is impossible. In this situation, you would be deaf, numb and blind regarding how to help someone neutralize their unconscious beliefs. In fact, you would also be deaf, numb and blind to finding someone who could help with this, because your brain would dismiss any such ideas as “noise,” irrelevant and without merit.

Power of Blind Spots

This is the power of blind spots as it relates to changing beliefs to expand your bandwidth and realize sustained profitable growth to achieve sustained competitive advantage.

This is the biggest barrier facing every single organization and every single person on the planet. We don’t know what we don’t know. The logic and mechanics of bandwidth have been invisible to us. Blind spots are invisible. Beliefs are also invisible. But, bandwidth, blind spots and beliefs are everywhere, affecting everyone and everything.

Does that ring true for you? Would you like to talk about how these issues could be affecting your organization’s ability to generate more success in a tough environment?

Please feel free to get in touch with me to book some time for a conversation. I’d be happy to support you and your team to greater success.

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