The Future of Business is Digital

The Core of Business is People


The Core of Digital is Community

What is Light-Core?

Light-Core Digital Enterprises is a global behavioural-based business performance improvement firm. We offer products and services that teach business leaders how to attract right fit clients and employees by aligning business strategy, with marketing content, with behaviour.

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Light-Core Services

Personal Focus

Transformation that sustains growth

Employee-customer engagement is the #1 driver of sustained profitable growth. 70% of the workforce is disengaged. We help people learn how to help themselves, their colleagues and clients to turn their light on.

Light-Core Services

Business Focus

Learning as strategy. Behaviour as Marketing

We teach people a new approach to strategy implementation that helps them stay out of their comfort zone to grow new skills, relationships and revenue by constantly learning from and adapting their behaviour to market feedback.

Light-Core Services

Digital Focus

High-Tech-High-Touch, Customer-Centred Strategy

Human beings are emotional, not logical. Our decisions are driven first by our feelings, then we turn our feelings into logical thought. We teach business people how to use new technologies to translate their emotions and core values into a digital presence that creates and sustains profitable growth.


 What Jump Point has done for Cogent is first just made the senior team, the managers, the leaders of the company aware of what’s possible, or the gap between the everyday status quo, and the vision that you say you want to do. 

Cosimo Galletti – Value Stream Leader, Cogent Power Inc.

Cogent Power Inc.

 During the time I spent with the Jump-Point I developed a greater sense of my values and what I need to succeed and most of all what my passions are.  I credit them for providing the path to inner happiness…I am on the path!!! 

Lynda Elliott, Rewards Network


 I believe our work with Jump-Point has given us a clear roadmap to go forward. We are just following the steps. I can’t say enough positive things about the impact Jump-Point has had on our successful strategic direction. I believe our work with Jump-Point has moved us years forward in our potential growth and profitability as a company. 

Melanie Parish, CEO Sage Portfolio Group

Sage Portfolio Group

 Having seen the “off the charts” results the Jump-Point is able to deliver it seems most any business could learn from their orientation not only how to increase profit and growth but how to sustain it long term

John Chisholm, Partner & CEO, SB Partners

SB Partners

 I think my team is definitely ready to get down to work on next steps….your work with us has been thought provoking and inspirational. 

Kathy Mills, CAO, The Centre for Skills Development Training – March 21, 2012

The Centre for Skills Development Training

 Jump Point really helped us define our core values. So we spent a lot of time on that, and once that was clear, we then built a strategic framework around it. And that increased our velocity. We use the strategic framework Jump-Point provided all of the time! 

Steve Peterson – President, Unique Gas Products Ltd.

Unique Gas Products Ltd.

 Jump-Point made us a way better business than we ever were before 

Sandy Montgomery – President, DEC Logistics

DEC Logistics

 To go from a $100 million company to $300 million, our existing mindset, our existing approach, the way we were organised, was just not going to be successful. Jump-Point helped us make an important shift. 

President – Ron Harper Cogent Power, Inc.

Cogent Power, Inc.

 People being on the same page understanding what’s going on seeing the long term vision and feeling like they’re a part of it is very motivating and it’s very empowering. The way we are communicating and the teamwork that Jump Point has introduced has made us successful. 

Lauryn Solomon Value Stream Leader, Cogent Power Inc.

Cogent Power Inc.

 Your approach brings the perfect blend of professionalism and warmth to make the sessions work so well. The content was timely for the challenges facing us over the coming months and served to reinforce the communication we are trying to achieve. 

Mike Scott, Operations Manager, Unique Gas Products

Unique Gas Products